Port Welshpool Long Jetty Timber Construction.

The Port Welshpool Timber Long Jetty Restoration group supported by the Port Welshpool Working Group, The Gippsland AMFEU and the National Trust of Victoria, are pursuing the Restoration of the Long Jetty to be in Timber.

  • Before the access road
  • At the start
  • Construction progresses
  • The pile driver
  • The very long jetty
  • Another view to show the jetty length
  • A view of the work
  • Before the decking is laid
  • The first boats berth alongside
  • Crowd at the opening ceremony
  • Christening the new jetty with champagne
  • Another view of attendees at the opening
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  • The Port Welshpool Long Jetty was completed in 1938
  • The Long Jetty became a base for minesweepers during WW2 to keep Bass Strait open and a hub for Bass Strait shipping trade until its closure in 2003.
  • Used bt the Oil and Gas industry from 1967
  • Attracted many families, tourist’s and fishers, older people still reminisce of those times.
  • Since the closure of the Long Jetty in 2003, the Corner Inlet district, Sth Gippsland and Victoria have lost thousands of tourist dollars.

Gippsland Ports see the Long Jetty as a maintenance liability unless industrialized.  Since the allocation of restoration funds, they have pushed to replace it in concrete.

The Port Welshpool Timber Restoration Group is pushing to have the Long Jetty Restored to its original condition as far as possible.

Our action plan:

  • A community long jetty timber restoration group was formed in January 2013.
  • Develop a Victorian Community Project model, this model is used in the operation of “Old Gipps town”
  • Attract more stakeholders, for sponsorship of this project.
  • To apply for ministerial approval to access a portion of the $5 million assigned to the Port Welshpool Long Jetty by the current Liberal/National Party, to begin immediately restoring the Jetty to just past the slipway shed.  This will allow public access up to the slipway shed.
  • John Parker of the Gippsland Trades and Labour Council would like to see the unemployed apprentices be involved in the restoration project, carpenters, plumbers’, electricians etc. also provide working opportunities for the local communities.’
  • A recent risk assessment by insurers developing sponsorship showed the Long Jetty insurable with basic repairs.
  • Under Community Management sponsorship, grants and the development of training opportunities will ensure the Long Jetty’s viability into the future